TiR 12-Week, At-Home Reading Improvement Course

Is your child struggling with reading? ………………………….If so, your child is not alone. Almost 2/3rds of children in Florida are reading below grade level.

Did you know that singing can improve reading quickly?…………………..In 5 years of university based research, the TUNE Into READING, singing-based approach to improving reading was shown to be highly effective, sustainable, and a lot of fun for kids.

And now, with our 12-Week At-home Reading Improvement Course (TiR-12), you and your child can receive all the benefits of this research-based program in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Even better news: at the price of $500, all the benefits of significantly improved reading come to you for significantly less than the cost of a single month of intensive, high-quality, reading tutoring.

For $500 you and your child receive:

  1. The award winning, on-line, cloud based, TUNE into READING on-line curriculum
  2. Unlimited Access to 9 levels of difficulty (over 200 Song Lessons in the library)
  3. 6 consultation sessions with our reading experts (one session every two weeks)
  4. Use of a customized, cellular-enabled tablet computer (note: this device must be returned in good working order at the end of the course)
  5. Headset with microphone
  6. An end of 12-week grand prize for achieving required 900 minutes on program

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place your order for the 12-Week At-home Reading Improvement Course (TiR-12)
  2. You will be contacted by one of our program specialists within 48 hours
  3. About 1 – 2 weeks later you will receive the customized, cellular enabled tablet, and headset microphone
  4. We will schedule your consultation sessions
  5. Your child will begin using the program for 20 minutes per day.

Eligible students’ tuition covered by the Step Up For Students Reading Scholarship


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