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Not only is Tune into Reading helping my daughter read, but it’s doing so much more. Just her confidence with reading is increased. Like she has this glow about her that she can read now! Her math scores, her spelling test scores, everything has just increased!

Nikki R. - Mom of 2nd grader - Detroit, MI

This is way cheaper than after-school tutoring! The value, there’s no question. To see your child be more confident and to be motivated, you know that is priceless to me.

Dan J. - Father of 4th grade student

My daughter jumped two reading groups, and she is so much more focused. She has made honor roll for the first time, ever!

Lori G. - Mother of 5th Grade student

I always hated books. I always thought it was going to be boring - just reading - but now it’s fun!

Jose R. - 3rd grade student - Plano, TX

My grades on my report card before TUNE into READING was C’s and D’s but now it’s A’s and B’s!

Sarah B. - 5th grade student - Ft. Collins, CO

They [the students] were there every time and begging to come back more often, and they maintained that level of interest for the entire nine weeks of the program.

Principal Lynn Ratray - Bellamy Elementary School - Tampa, Florida

We saw typical gains of between one and two years after nine weeks of Tune Into Reading usage. We did have students who had far more than that. It was amazing!

Kelly Collucci - 5th grade Teacher - Tampa, Florida

For every student who is ready to give up because they know they’re not reading as well as the rest of the class…This is truly something that is so different from everything else they’ve tried…They will try this and then they will succeed.

Dr. Susan Homan - University of South Florida - College of Education

When I first started this program, it was wonderful! ……..My grades have gone up. I was an F; now I am an A. I can read better. I can learn better!

Dontae S. - 4th grade student - Nassau, Bahamas