Melodic Learning

Melodic Learning

You learned the alphabet by learning the ABCs song.  If you’re of a certain generation, you probably remember Schoolhouse Rock hits like “Conjunction Junction” and “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”  Why?  Because music helps you learn!

According to Dr. Susan Homan’s 2011 white paper, Reframing “Melodic Learning” As a Transformative, Multi-Modal Construct, “Singing is known to be motivating and there’s strong research support connecting repetition to enhanced fluency, and improved fluency to increases in comprehension.”  Sesame Street and preschool teachers have known the power of music for decades.  TUNE into READING helps educators harness the power of music for use with students in grades 3-12.  You can read more white papers about melodic learning here.  You may also be interested in our Wikipedia article.

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