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Electronic Learning Products was founded by Carlo and Alix Franzblau in January, 2000.  The company’s first product, SINGINGCoach, debuted in 2003 at the Consumer Electronics Show to rave reviews and, soon after, prestigious awards. PC Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Parade Magazine all weighed in with positive reviews and strong recommendations.

In 2006 Carlo became aware that struggling readers using SINGINGCoach found their reading got better quickly, and ELP developed a reading intervention product, TUNE into READING. Respected literacy researchers from the University of South Florida embarked on a remarkable five years of rigorous research studies that documented the dramatic benefits of the singing approach for all levels of readers.

In 2011 several white papers were published describing the mechanism that made the singing approach so effective. Researchers dubbed the instructional method “Melodic Learning” (read the Wikipedia article).

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