A Success Story

Wow! Just ask any of my Tune Into Reading students from last year or this year for their wonderful words about Tune Into Reading. They say:
“I love the singing, and it’s helping my reading, too!”
“I think the pictures are very funny!”
“I got lots of stars! Look!” “
I just made it to the next level!”

Currently, I teach Tune Into Reading as part of our RTI block of time (one half-hour three mornings a week). I have 24 students that come to our Mac Lab for the class. All of my current students are making progress. My CSS student (ESE) just made the first level. It’s been a long time coming…but he loves the singing! We also have three classroom teachers using it in their classrooms: one 2nd grade teacher who uses TIR before school, and two ESE teachers who use it on PCs in their classrooms during RTI block.

We promote the program by making it part of our daily announcements and award reading level certificates (Tune Into Reading) on the morning news show! Our TIR students are proud of their accomplishments. I also ask them to bring their reading/writing journals to record the new vocabulary words they learn.

We also have “FUN FRIDAYS” in the lab when we share songs we like, new words, and celebrate those who have made it to the next level. I also give them a small “Super Star Student” incentive bracelet when they complete a level. My former students from last year are my lab assistants this year, helping me on TIR mornings to set up the lab and get the headsets ready for the class.

Our classroom teachers are happy to have some of their struggling readers motivated by this program. There is a waiting list for the lab class and we are preparing to start students in a class during Extended Day after school. Our PTA has just purchased 10 new headsets for us, so the program is a great success at our school- highly motivating! Students are reading through the use of text presented aurally and visually. Melodic learning is a strong strategy for reaching readers to increase fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. ESE, ESOL, and the general student population are excited about learning through the use of music in their day.

Anne Dix
Music Specialist
Bartram Springs Elementary School (DCPS)

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