TUNE into READING For Home

How It Works:


Singing Approach: TUNE into READING uses the rhythm and melody of song to engage students in a fun singing game.


Engagement: Combining the effectiveness of repetitive oral reading with the fun of rhythm and melody, this program makes students want to use TiR. Reading becomes a game, and students have fun while developing critical literacy skills.


Strategic Vocabulary: Clickable definitions for grade-leveled “vocabulary” use auditory and visual aids to increase student comprehension.


Tailored Instruction: Students enter the program at their individual reading level and work on grade-level and age-appropriate content.


Multiple Content Areas: Unique songs cover a wide range of topics and subjects. Students can circumnavigate the globe with Magellan, learn why mathematics rock, or even discover how the Band-Aid was invented.


Activities:  Specially written songs for the program are leveled for reading difficulty, strategic vocabulary, and comprehension. Student performance is measured by built-in quizzes.


Customization: Set personal vocal range for precise and accurate feedback and monitor your student’s performance through real-time pitch tracking.


Reporting: Monitor progress, provide feedback, and pinpoint areas where your child struggles through a variety of instantly accessible reports.


Ease of Use: Students need minimum supervision; the program directs them through lessons, contains built-in quizzes, and adjusts the difficulty level of the material automatically.


Rewarding: Student success is continually celebrated through a unique rewards system. Whether it is a Gold Star or a Certificate of Achievement, a student’s hard work is consistently commended.


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